General Questions

Why can't Gyford StandOff Systems sell to end users?

We are a manufacturer and only sell our products wholesale, or business-to-business. If you are a consumer and would like to purchase our product, use our Retailer Locator to find our product at a retail location near you. Remember that you can order Gyford products through a retail location and have them shipped directly to you.

What kind of aluminum do you use in your parts?

Gyford aluminum products are made from 6061-T6 aluminum, consisting of up to 75% recycled content, using CNC machinery.

What type of stainless steel do you use in your parts?

Gyford stainless steel products are made from 316 stainless steel.

Can I get W-Blocks or BIM objects of your products?

We offer W-Blocks to active clients upon completion of a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This agreement must be signed by an owner or officer of your company before we can provide individual W-Blocks. You can also purchase our entire catalog on a USB Flash Drive. BIM objects are not available at this time.

How do I get permission to use your product or application images?

We offer high-resolution images to active clients free of charge upon completion of our Non-Disclosure Agreement. The NDA must be signed by a company owner or officer to be valid.

Returning an Order

What is Gyford StandOff Systems return policy?

At Gyford Productions, we want to make sure that every order exceeds your expectations. If you are dissatisfied with your purchase, or need to return any items, please make note of the following return policy and procedures:

Please note that items returned damaged will NOT be eligible for credit.

  • Any problems with an order must be reported to Gyford within 48 hours of receipt: Please open and inspect your order upon arrival. Report any incorrect, missing or damaged parts promptly in order to resolve issues as quickly as possible.
  • Please wait for an Return Materials Authorization before sending your items back: You will receive a separate email containing an RMA and instructions for sending back merchandise. Merchandise returned without an RMA will not be processed.
  • Returns must be made within 30 Days: Returns past the 30-day window will be accepted at Gyford’s discretion.
  • Items must be returned unopened, in their original packaging or individually wrapped. Aluminum is a very soft metal that scratches and can be damaged easily. To ensure that parts are returned in good condition, please exercise extreme care when packaging and shipping. Merchandise must be returned in like-new, sellable condition in order to receive full credit.
  • Restocking fees may apply: Except in the case of parts sent in error or manufacturing defects, all returns are subject to a restocking fee.
  • You may be asked to submit photos to help with the return process: In some cases, we may request that you send a photo of any damaged or incorrect parts. Doing so will help us to identify the problem and resolve the issues quickly and completely.
  • Parts not eligible for return: Returns are not accepted on custom parts, cut-to-order EZ-ROD, Structure-Lite or wire.

Placing an Order

What project information should I have before I place an order?

The first thing our Client Solutions Specialists will need to know is the type of project you are working on (e.g. signage, shelving, banners, furniture). Many of our products are designed for use with material of a specific thickness, so you’ll need to know what thickness materiel you’ll be mounting. To determine the best anchor for your project, we’ll also want to know what kind of surface you’ll be mounting to. We offer a wide variety of installation hardware and can help you choose the right one for your application.

When will my order ship?

Orders for stock parts placed before 11 a.m. PST usually ship the same day. If you place an order for stock parts after 2 p.m. PST your order will ship the next business day.

As a reseller, can I receive credit from Gyford Standoff Systems in order to pay at regular intervals instead of at the time of purchase?

We do provide net terms for some eligible resellers. In order to apply for eligibility, start by filling out and submitting our credit application PDF form.

Custom Parts

Do you make custom parts?

We have an on-site custom shop and can help you with just about any customization you need. For a quote, call 775.829.7272 or send an email to info@standoffsystems.com.

Why is my custom part so expensive?

Our catalog parts are priced based on large production run quantities where material, labor, programming and finishing costs are applied to many pieces. Most custom orders are small quantity runs and those costs are dispersed among fewer pieces. Modifying existing parts is always more cost effective than creating new ones.

Can I expedite my custom order?

Lead times are determined by our custom shop’s schedule. Depending on the current workload, rush orders may be possible. Call (775)829-7272 to discuss your particular project timeline.

Installation Questions

How are your products installed?

We have an extensive library of video tutorials and instructional PDFs available on our website. If you have specific questions, our design support team will be glad to help you and can be reached at (775)829-7272.