rod systems

Gyford Rod Systems

Gyford offers two distinct rod systems for your design and mounting requirements. Each system is designed with different weight applications and panel thicknesses in mind.

ez-rod-375-app.jpg Application

EZ Rod Systems 

EZ-Rod & Wire can be used for heavier suspension applications and is designed for a variety of rod and wire diameters. This line allows for more flexibility in combining rod and wire from any flat or angled surface.

This selection contains shelving hardware, clips, surface mounts and connectors. These components are machined from American aircraft-grade aluminum and can work with our other product lines.

Mix and match items to design your unique installation. Create durable retail or interior shelving with rod and wire hardware. Signage, artwork, displays and other applications can be supported with this flexible product line.

WL Rod Systems 

WL-Rod & Wire is an elegant wire and rod suspension system designed around 3/64″ stainless steel wire and 1/4″ aluminum rod. This hardware is best for suspending lightweight applications from any flat or angled surface.

This product line consists of wire and rod mounts, connectors, shelving components and clips. Machined from American aircraft-grade aluminum, WL-Rod & Wire products are a sophisticated selection of mounting hardware.

WL-Rod & Wire is compatible with our other product lines, so you can mix and match these components to create your custom design. This line is great for displaying small signage, suspending artwork or creating lightweight retail shelving.