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EZ-AH32-LINE.jpg Line Drawing EZ-AH32-LINE.jpg Line Drawing
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EZ 3/8″ Rod Bottom Turnbuckle Mount

The EZ 3/8″ Rod Bottom Turnbuckle Mount can be used as either a top or bottom mount for heavier 3/8″ rod systems. When creating lightweight projects, you can apply tension to the system by using the EZ-AH32 as the bottom connection and the EZ-A31 as the top connection. A hole must be drilled through the rod so a stop collar can be secured in place with a roll pin. Our Rod Drill Jig tool (HD-A375RDJ) makes this process easier and more accurate than drilling freehand.

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Product Specifications

(A) Diameter:

Included Hardware

HD-LHD7, (3) HD-PS2, HD-332RP, (2) HD-NT1, EZ-WMBL, EZ-ATMS, EZ-HRT375, EZ-TB375

Recommended Applications

use with 3/8" rod to create a panel divider