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EZ Rod 3/8″ Heavy Angled Turnbuckle Wall Mount

The EZ Rod 3/8″ Heavy Angled Turnbuckle Wall Mount is a hinged turnbuckle with a heavy connection for 3/8″ rod. The hinge of this part can be locked at your desired angle. This assembly is designed to be the top connection of an application and place tension on the rod, which must be secured with a roll pin. For easier installation, use our Rod Drill Jig tool (HD-A375RDJ).

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Product Specifications

Rod Size:

Included Hardware

HD-LHD65, HD-LHD2, HD-S16, (2) HD-NT1, HD-332RP, (3) HD-PS2, EZ-WMBL, EZ-HM, EZ-HF, EZ-TMS, EZ-HRT375, EZ-TB375

Recommended Applications

Hold 3/8" rod at an angle to display panels and graphics