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Color Changing LED Light Board

Turn your single-color LED standoff into a multi-color standoffs with the Color Changing LED Light Board.  The Color Changing LED Light Boards work with the same standoff barrel, cap, and power supply as single-color light boards. Light boards can be integrated into your display by wiring to shared power going into the receiver. NOTE: Remote control & receiver combo are sold separately from the Color Changing LED light board.

The Control system for Color Changing LEDs can showcase the entire color spectrum and cycle up to 10 different display modes. Custom colors can be selected and saved, or three temperatures of white are also available.

1. Select the LED light board quantity below
2. REQUIRED LED remote controller
3. Select LED barrels  in 1/2” or 1” 
4. Finish with 1” Diameter Cap
5. Select  power supply: Standard plug-in power supply (powers up to 16 LEDs)
OR  Hardwire power supply for switched power (powers up to 14 LEDs )

Watch the video below for the RGB Standoff Controller and Reciever operation

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