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WL Floor to Ceiling Wire Suspension Kit

Gyford Wire Kits are a great way to get started with wire suspension for your signage and display projects. These wire kits include all the hardware for mounting a 3/16” or 1/4″ thick piece of material for vertical signs or displays.  The wire kits include two ceiling mounts, two floor mounts, two 10’ spans of 3/64” swaged wire and four panel grippers. These kits also include mounting screws for the floor and ceiling mounts. * Please note that this kit does not include signage panels.

WLK-9 includes: (2) WL-A40 Top Mounts, (2) WL-A41 Bottom Mounts, (4) WL-A45-188 Vertical Grippers, (2) 10’ long 3/64” Swaged Wire lengths

WLK-10 includes: (2) WL-A40 Top Mounts, (2) WL-A41 Bottom Mounts, (4) WL-A45-250 Vertical Grippers, (2) 10’ long 3/64” Swaged Wire lengths

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