Certainties of Life – How to be a Reseller

As the saying goes, there are two certainties in life: death and taxes. If you’ve ordered from us or registered for an online account, you know we ask for certain documents before you can make your first Gyford purchase.

Proper documentationBecause Gyford StandOff Systems is a manufacturer, we are able to sell our products wholesale. This means that our pricing doesn’t have to include tax. The sales tax is paid by the very last person to buy our product – this is the consumer, not a distributor or retailer in between. By obtaining proper documentation, we can ensure that tax will, at some point, be paid on our product.

There are several documents we can accept, and our Client Solutions Specialists can guide you through the process. If you order from us as a retailer we’ll need a state-issued Sales and Use Tax Certificate. If your business doesn’t have one of these (maybe you’re an interior designer or architect) you can provide a W-9 and your business license. We also do business with nonprofit organizations like churches, schools and government agencies. In this case, we accept a tax-exempt form.

Finally, for those of you who want to buy Gyford products for personal use, we have a Reseller Locator. Here you can search by address or zip code to find a Gyford seller in your area. If you already purchase from us, be sure to register as a reseller now to help customers connect with you!

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