Best Acrylic for LED StandOff Signs

Acrylic Types

If you are buying LED StandOffs to make a laser etched sign, it’s important to understand the difference between cast and extruded acrylic. Cast acrylic turns white where a laser etches the surface while extruded acrylic will be clear where etched. Often the laser is too hot for the extruded acrylic and the end result will be a clear etch with some melting and uneven banding in the artwork. For the best results we recommend using a cast acrylic. The etched area that is white will glow bright when lit with the LEDs and even when the sign is not turned on, the white etching will show up with enough contrast to be seen.

Cleaning Acrylic

When cleaning your sign, use a soft, lint free cloth and only water mixed with a mild soap. Other cleaning products such as alcohol based liquids and paper towels can scratch the surface of the acrylic. These scratches will be seen when the sign is turned on. There are some acrylic specific cleaning agents and cloths available as well as polishers and scratch removers. If you are wondering about name brands to look for, stop into your local engraving or trophy shop and ask a pro what they have been using. It’s a great way to expand your vendor base and learn more about your local shop’s capabilities.

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