It’s Hip to be Square: Building with Square StructureLite BLOX

The Stucturelite Blox® building line has been one of the most anticipated product line extensions in 2016. StructureLite Blox® is a specialized collection of StructureLite components design to work with our square extruded profile. This line of products includes square extrusion, hubs, corner connectors, feet and covers for square extrusion. These components are also compatible with our other product lines.

This line is perfectly suited for building structures to display products in high-end retail environments. The user may build tall towers or short cubes and insert graphics, glass, or resin material into the channels of the extrusion to dress up the sides.

Banks and office environments can take advantage of this system to easily add privacy partitions around desks and transaction counters. In this configuration, panels can easily be slid in and out of the extrusion from the top. No more beat up table tents stating “Next window please”. With this system, the consumer won’t even know there is a window there.

View our slideshow of design examples built with StructureLite Blox® from Gyford StandOff Systems.