Pro Tip: Hanging Odd Shaped Pieces with Edge Grips

Edge grips are the go-to-solution when installers cannot drill holes into artwork or decorative material. The Gyford Edge grip line features fixed length and adjustable versions. Using the adjustable versions will be covered in this article.

Method A:

Mark the edges of the piece to be mounted where you need the edge grips. Use the center hole in the edge grips barrels to mark where the pilot holes will be drilled in the wall. It is a good idea to use a level at this point to ensure the hardware is mounted evenly on both sides. For mounting into wood, drill a small pilot hole and secure barrels to the wall with the supplied pan head screw. For drywall, drill a ¼ inch hole to insert the white nylon anchor first. Most installers will secure the edge grip inserts to the material first and then slide the grippers inserts into the barrels that are already mounted to the wall. Finish by securing the set crews on the barrels.

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Method B:

The user will notice that on the bottom of the adjustable edge grip insert, there is a small point. This is used to mark drill holes in the wall for the barrel installation. Attach the edge grip inserts to the material and push the edge grips and art piece against the mounting wall. Remove the piece from the wall and the points will have left marks where the user will drill holes. Drill pilot holes, mount barrels and slide the artwork with attached grippers into the barrels. Tighten the setscrews on the barrels and enjoy.


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