Anchors Aweigh!

When it comes to mounting your project, Gyford StandOff Systems has plenty of options. Luckily, we have you covered with hardware as well. Your projects are diverse, and so are your mounting needs. Make sure you choose the right anchor for your surface!

One of our most common options is a combination screw used with a polypropylene anchor. This assembly allows you to easily attach a barrel to drywall or even masonry. Because of its simplicity and versatility, this assembly is a customer favorite and also included in all our StandOff kits.

For drywall applications, you can also use a self-drilling wallboard anchor. This assembly comes with a threaded metal anchor and a combination screw that allows you to mount 5/16-18 threaded mounting hardware quickly and easily.


When you need to mount a heavier project to drywall, a toggle-style anchor offers a more supportive option. Pre-drill a hole, insert the anchor, and allow the metal toggle to rotate 90 degrees behind the drywall. Slide the plastic zip tight against the wall to hold the toggle in place, then insert in the provided bolt to make a secure fit and provide a strong mounting point. This type of assembly comes in a few variations, so make sure to ask one of our client solutions specialists which is best for your application.

Our HD-CA2 concrete anchor is a simple and sturdy way to affix your project to concrete, cinderblocks and some brick surfaces. Simply drill a 3/8-inch diameter hole 2 inches deep and insert the anchor. Tighten the nut, compressing the anchor lengthwise and expanding it inside the hole in the wall. Once it’s snugly in place, remove the nut to expose the 5/16-18 thread and install your mounting hardware.


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