Decoding Twitter for Sign Shops – Part 2

In this second installment of Decoding Twitter for sign shops, the author will discuss the benefit of observing how posts have performed and strategizing posting based on this information. Looking at a tweet’s activity is a great exercise in establishing a posting schedule for a page. This also clues the analyst in on the type of posts that do well with their perspective audience.

Inspecting Your Posts

While viewing a Twitter profile, the user will see a link on the side bar titled “Top Tweets.” Clicking on this link will bring up a report that is sortable by column headers. Here we see a post from August 3rd that had 390 impressions, 35 engagements at a 9% engagement rate.


Clicking on the post opens a dashboard pertaining to that specific post, displaying a breakdown of the post’s activity. This particular post had 4 profile clicks. Profile clicks are the ultimate engagement because your profile page is a gateway for qualified leads to visit your website. Any user can accidentally click on a link to your site in a search or online post, but a profile view is a clear and positive indicator that the user wanted to learn more about your company.

twitter-audienceOn your profile page, keep the description simple, no need for a long mission statement here. Describe exactly what the company does and list a phone number and web link.  This will drive qualified leads to your organization and act as a natural filter that eliminates individuals that do not want to buy your products or services.


Creating a Posting Schedule

When looking at the Twitter Analytics page, clicking on the “Home” tab at the top of the page will link the analyst to a dashboard that breaks down top activities for each month.  Here, the analyst can click on the top tweet for each month and be able to view its date and time stamp.

If no day or time pattern is observable in top tweets for the page, identify if another organization was (@) mentioned or a topic (#) hashtag was used. These tips, offered in our first installment are great ways to increase the visibility of your tweets. Experimenting using these variables and posting at different times of the day, and on different days of the week, will help in finding the sweet spot for your intended audience.


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