Get a Grip

When it comes to mounting signage, art or other displays, you may not want to drill holes through your material for StandOffs. One way to achieve the same look is to use edge grips, and they come in many sizes.

Some edge grips are designed to accommodate material of a specific thickness and some can be adjusted for a range of thicknesses. Traditional edge grips are a sleek and strong mounting solution and they come in two basic designs. Both grip material with an internal set screw accessed from the face of the edge grip.

For permanent displays, a brushed aluminum disc can be applied over the set screw and create a finished look. This option is very clean and secure but to remove the material from the edge grip the disc must be punctured and pried off. Replacement discs can be purchased individually.

For frequently changed displays, a threaded cap may be a better choice. This type of edge grip functions like the non-adjustable edge grip with a disc, but allows easy access to the internal set screw without the need for tools or replacing parts.

Even though non-adjustable edge grips are a great option, not all materials come in standard sizes. You may want to use one set of edge grips for multiple displays of varying thicknesses. In either case, you’ll want to use adjustable edge grips. These can accommodate a range of thicknesses are easy to install and allow more flexibility in display placement, as illustrated in the tutorial video.

For a more detailed look at edge grips, watch our tutorial videos on fixed and adjustable edge grips.

As always, our Client Solutions Specialists can help you find the right hardware for your project.

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